Specifications of runner peanuts + wholesale price

There is a variety of different types of peanuts that grow in different parts of the world, Every kind has a special appearance, taste, size, and a different number of kernel in a shell.

What is runner peanuts?

Peanut plant is native to South America and from there it has been taken to various parts of the world by Europeans. They are grown in hot parts of the world. Peanuts are used as butter, oil and nut. They are also very nutritious. They contain many nutrients and are an excellent source of manganese, niacin which makes it healthy for different age groups. Peanuts are named differently For instance, the peanut thais planted in Virginia in the United States is called Virginia peanuts it has its own unique characteristics. Maybe a Virginia seed is planted in another part of America but the peanuts it produces is as same as Virginia peanut. What is runner peanuts?

Types of runner peanuts

Runner type of peanut as the name suggests, has its tendrils sprawled and twined around each other, therefore it needs more space to grow compared to its counterparts. Three to five seeds are sowed 5 to 7 centimeters deep in the soil and 18 to 30 centimeters far from each other. The soil suitable for planting Runner peanuts has to be sandy loam and rich. The amount of time needed for them to grow is between 130 days to 150 days. Their color is brown reddish skin. These peanuts are very much liked by Americans. Types of runner peanuts

Specifications of runner peanuts

Virginia seeds are sowed when the soil is warm at the depth of 5 centimeters. Before planting seeds the farmers should make sure they prepared a suitable seedbed. Five seeds are usually planted in a row per 30 centimeters and each row is 90 centimeters apart from the other. The ground needs enough moisture but not a lot to harm the seeds. After around two weeks the seeds start flowering above the ground and fruits start growing below it. They need a long time to mature around 130 to 150 days. The best time for planting is the second half of May. Specifications of  runner peanuts

price of runner peanuts

These kinds of peanuts originate from South America. The seeds need to be sowed from 2 to 5 centimeters deep, and 15 to 20.5 centimeters apart from each other. Before the plant is 30 centimeters tall, the seeds should be surrounded with mulch. After it is tall enough, mulch is not necessary anymore. For the purpose of protecting the seeds from any harm, gypsum and calcium must be added. price of runner peanuts

interesting tips about buying  runner peanuts

All kinds of peanuts have their own customers throughout the world. The type of peanut they need depends on for what purpose they use peanuts such as oil extraction, reselling, distributing, snack products, and making soup and dessert. Based off of their needs, they purchase and import them. Our company’s number one priority is to provide the kind of peanuts the customer demands in high quality. Currently, we are proud to say we had the opportunity to cooperate with business people successfully from around the world. We also have merchandise holders in several countries and we are open to those who are experts in this field to obtain our merchandise. If you have the intention to experience cooperating with us and be part of our team, all that is needed is to inform us and we will assist you. Read more:


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