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Peanuts are one of the nuts that are available either individually or in nuts and have their fans. Do you know the types of peanuts? Do you know the benefits of peanuts? What is peanuts?

What is peanuts?

Peanuts generally have 4 models: Spanish, Ascending, Virginia nuts, Valencia nuts. All four models are peanuts, come from the same plant have the same skin and the same taste and ultimately differ slightly in appearance. Types of peanuts currently include raw and peeled peanuts, and roasted peanuts Which are usually sold in packaged and eventually peanut butter. Raw and peeled peanuts can be found at a reasonable price in kilograms when the harvest season is over. You can peel this type of peanut very easily and as much as you need. Types of peanuts

Types of peanuts

The second type of peanut doesn’t have a top layer and there is only thin and brown skin on it, which is removed from the peanut kernel by the touch of its hand. The third type of peanuts is roasted by the machine and also contains small amounts of preservatives and salt. This model is sold in packages and as products of food companies. In the fourth type of peanuts, which is generally different from the previous three models, the butter of this kernel will be very energetic and tasty. You can not make peanut butter at home traditionally but it is necessary to perform advanced steps on the peanut butter and also add preservatives to it. Application of peanuts

Application of peanuts

Peanut oil has many benefits and is derived from a mildly flavored plant derived from almonds and is also known as peanut oil or underground oil. This oil has a strong aroma and special taste of peanuts. The oil of this nut has a color similar to light yellow or clear which has a good taste and pleasant aroma. This extract is especially used in South Asian, Chinese and Southeast Asia. Specifications of  peanuts

Specifications of  peanuts

Now that you are familiar with the types of peanuts, it is better to know the benefits and features of this useful substance, because after knowing the benefits, you will not eliminate it from your diet. This substance has high Calories, fat, Sodium, Potassium, Carbohydrates, and Protein and it comes with some biotin, niacin, manganese, vitamin E, thiamine, phosphorus and magnesium. This nutrition doesn’t affect your weight if you eat peanuts or peanut butter in moderation. The second thing that applies to the benefits of peanuts in the prevention of heart disease, Alzheimer’s and coronary heart disease.   All of this happens due to the production of nitric oxide in the body. Peanuts around the world

Peanuts around the world

Eating peanuts during childhood and adolescence can greatly help strengthen bones and teeth. The next issue is about cooping and helping to treat depression in people. People who suffer from depression and anxiety are deficient in a hormone in their brain. The components of peanuts help release that hormone and thus treat depression. The components in peanuts impair the absorption of nutrients in the body and reduce the nutritional value of the food consume. Prices of peanuts

Prices of peanuts

Due to the large fluctuations in the price of products. Therefore, in   this large collection, we have placed the purchase of peanuts in different categories according to the quality of the product because one of the main points when buying peanuts online is the price of peanuts this year and fresh. We have prepared these conditions for you in this company so that you know the latest price of peanuts this year before buying different types of peanuts. Among the tasty nuts, this nut has the highest sales. These types of peanuts are usually cheaper than almonds and cashews. so some of it can be included in children’s play snacks daily. Although salted nuts have a more popular taste. But to buy peanuts, try to prepare raw and shelled peanuts to get the most out of their unique benefits. interesting tips about buying peanuts

interesting tips about buying peanuts

Pollution in peanuts sometimes leads to the production of toxic substances that as a result of overuse, we should expect appetites and discoloration of the eyes. Traditional medicine experts recommend that people who are allergic to peanuts or their products should not consume this delicious food. Gallbladder problem and sudden pain in the right side of the abdomen may be due to the consumption of peanuts which should be avoided in the end. Researchers have found that moderate consumption of peanut butter reduces gallstones by 25 percent; Because peanuts can lower cholesterol greatly. Peanuts are high in potassium and twice as much as sodium; Therefore, consumption of peanut butter is very useful for heart patients and those with high blood pressure. Read more:

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