The purchase price of unshelled cashew nuts + properties, disadvantages and advantages

Cashew nuts are a popular and nutritious snack loved by many. While most people are familiar with the already shelled variety, there is another option available – unshelled cashew nuts. Unshelled cashew nuts offer a unique experience, allowing you to fully appreciate the natural flavors and textures of this delicious nut. In this article, we will explore the benefits of buying unshelled cashew nuts, discuss the best types available, and provide a guide on how to make them at home.
The Benefits of Buying Unshelled Cashew Nuts
One of the main advantages of buying unshelled cashew nuts is the freshness factor. When cashew nuts are left in their shells, they are better protected from moisture and external elements, preserving their flavors and nutritional value for a longer period. This means that unshelled cashew nuts are often more flavorful and crunchier compared to their pre-shelled counterparts.
Another benefit of purchasing unshelled cashew nuts is the cost savings. Shelling the nuts requires additional labor, which is usually reflected in the higher price of pre-shelled cashew nuts. By buying unshelled cashew nuts, you can enjoy a more economical option and have the flexibility to shell them as needed.
The purchase price of unshelled cashew nuts + properties, disadvantages and advantages
Additionally, unshelled cashew nuts have a longer shelf life compared to shelled ones. This makes them a perfect choice for long-term storage. When stored in a cool and dry place, unshelled cashew nuts can remain fresh for several months without losing their quality.
The Best Types of Unshelled Cashew Nuts
When it comes to choosing the best types of unshelled cashew nuts, it is crucial to consider the sourcing and quality of the nuts. Opting for organic, fair-trade, or sustainably sourced cashews ensures that you are not only getting the best quality but also supporting ethical and environmentally friendly practices.
Another aspect to consider is the size and variety of the cashew nuts. The most commonly available unshelled cashews are of the W-240 and W-320 varieties. The W-240 designation indicates that there are approximately 240 cashews per pound, while the W-320 indicates there are around 320 cashews per pound. These are the most popular sizes due to their ideal balance between size and flavor.
The purchase price of unshelled cashew nuts + properties, disadvantages and advantages
It is worth noting that some specialty stores may offer gourmet or heirloom varieties of unshelled cashew nuts, which can provide a unique taste experience. These specialty varieties often come with a higher price tag but are well worth it for the discerning palate.
How to Shell Cashew Nuts
If you decide to purchase unshelled cashew nuts, you will need to know how to shell them properly. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make unshelled cashew nuts:
1. Begin by placing the unshelled cashew nuts on a clean, flat surface, such as a cutting board or a clean kitchen towel.
The purchase price of unshelled cashew nuts + properties, disadvantages and advantages
2. Take a sturdy nutcracker or a small hammer and gently tap the cashew nut’s pointed end until a crack appears.
3. Carefully separate the cashew nut from the shell by using your fingers or a small knife. Be cautious as the cashew nut’s shell contains an oily and toxic substance known as urushiol, which can cause skin irritation. To avoid contact, it is advisable to wear gloves or use utensils during the shelling process.
4. Once the cashew nut is separated from the shell, give it a quick rinse to remove any remaining shell particles or dust.
5. Pat the cashew nuts dry with a towel and let them air dry for a few hours before consuming or storing.
The purchase price of unshelled cashew nuts + properties, disadvantages and advantages
With a little practice, you will become proficient in shelling cashew nuts, and it will become a part of your routine when enjoying this delightful snack.
In conclusion, buying unshelled cashew nuts offers a range of benefits, from enhanced flavor and cost savings to the ability to store them for longer periods. Choosing the best types of unshelled cashew nuts, such as organic, fair-trade, or specialty varieties, ensures a top-notch snacking experience. By following a simple guide on shelling cashew nuts, you can easily enjoy the natural goodness and crunchy texture of these delicious nuts. So, why not give unshelled cashew nuts a try and elevate your snacking experience to a whole new level?

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