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The name Akbari pistachio is one that is known and highly esteemed in practically all of the markets across the world.

But in particular, there is a considerable bit of suffocating heat in some of those countries.

The two nations that produce the great bulk of this specific kind of pistachio are Iran and Turkey, making them the de facto leaders in the sector for this market as a consequence of the country’s production of more than 1.1 million tons of these Akbari pistachios.

India is the source of demand in many aspects.

Pistachio trade has the potential to grow into a multibillion-dollar enterprise, and it is now worth $1 billion.

These days, there are a great number of young people who fantasize about entering this market, and I want to tell them that if you are an experienced business person who has knowledge of international trade, and if you are familiar enough with your suppliers, then you are going to do very well in this industry.

Continue on your road, because there is great triumph ahead of you!

pistachio Akbari Iran

Iran’s long Akbari Pistachios are renowned as a rare and luxurious commodity. This kind of pistachio is readily identified by the elongated and elongated form of its kernel, as well as by its delicate and distinctive flavour. Akbari The long variety of Iranian Pistachios, or “the long Pistachio” as it is often known on the international market, is mostly farmed in Iran’s warm and central regions, such as Rafsanjan. The long Pistachio is a nutrient-dense meal that provides several health advantages.

Due to its huge size and black skin, the Akbari Pistachio is readily distinguished from other types of pistachio. The standard size of each long Pistachio may be classified into three distinct categories: 22/24, 20/22, and 18/20.

Iran is the largest producer of this sort of well-known pistachio, which is often hand-harvested throughout September and October. The long Akbari Pistachio is open by nature and is available in three varieties: raw Akbari pistachio, roasted pistachio, and roasted-salted. In fact, long Pistachio is one of the few pistachio varieties for which the unroasted form (without additives) is more popular than the roasted variant. This is a result of this product’s naturally rich flavour.

In a cool, dark location, the long Pistachio may be kept for two years. As a premium dried nut, the long Pistachio has the greatest demand and value in both the global and local markets. In actuality, a large portion of long Pistachio users resides inside the nation.

Among other nations, the long pistachio is also very well-known and is in fact recognised as an Iranian export. The long Akbari Pistachio is more susceptible to aflatoxin than other varieties of pistachios because it lingers on the tree longer before harvesting. During the quality assessment of goods, the latter will be evaluated by the relevant authorities.

pistachio Akbari Iran

pistachio Akbari turkey

Iran and Turkey are acknowledged as the first two countries to identify the Akbari pistachio tree variety. In the form of a herbal cure or dietary supplement, pistachios are used to treat a range of illnesses. Pistachios contain more than 10 per cent of the daily intake of magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B6 and fibre in only 28 grammes of nuts. Additionally, pistachios contain vitamin B1 and vitamin B6.

The immense popularity of the Akbari pistachio may be linked to the ease with which it can be peeled, its remarkable flavour, and its status as a pistachio of the highest quality. According to experts on pistachios, this is due to a combination of factors, one of which is the nut’s well-formed shape, which includes its great length.

Comparing costs reveals that these pistachios are almost always more expensive than those offered by Fandoghi.

The shell of pistachios is naturally a pale cream colour. Pistachios are distinguishable by their shell. Compared to other varieties of shells, the Akbari shell is far closer in hue to that of cream. In addition, its shell is covered with crimson splotches. Long-shaped pistachios are pistachios with a more elongated form, as indicated by the name.

According to pistachio specialists, the Akbari pistachio, which is long and well-shaped (Super Long), is luxury pistachio because it can be peeled easily, giving it the impression of being superior to other types.

The price difference between the two brands reflects the fact that Fandoghi pistachios are generally considered to be of greater quality. Pistachios from Akbari pistachio trees do not yield a large number of nuts annually, but after a few years, they may be able to do so.

This is because there are not enough very high-quality Akbari pistachios available on the market. There will be a price hike for the items.

pistachio Akbari turkey

pistachio Akbari India

Something fascinating came to light for me when I was researching India, namely the market for nuts there.

It would seem that the people of India have a strong affinity for pistachios.

nonetheless, The Akbari Pistachios are not the same as other types of pistachios.

It has come to my attention that this might be a result of the unique form and flavour that Akbari pistachios bring to the table.

The Iranian pistachio may be broken down into three categories: round, long, and jumbo. These categories are determined by the nut’s size, shape, and breed.

The round pistachio, also known as the Fandoghi kind, is the smallest of several varietals.

Pistachios that are classified as long-type may be further subcategorized into the Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, and Badami varieties. In comparison to the other two varieties, the Ahmad Aghaei is of a more manageable size and has a thinner, less dense shell. Pistachios of the Akbari kind have the highest size among those of the long type. The Badami pistachio has the smallest shell of the three varieties with a shell colour that is somewhat darker.

The Jumbo or Kale Ghoochi cultivar of Iranian pistachio is the biggest of all the varieties. The distinctive and robust flavour of Kale Ghoochi is attributed to the cultivar’s higher fat content as compared to that of other varieties.

In addition to naturally open-mouth pistachios, we are also able to provide closed-mouth pistachios in all of the kinds described above as well as in a variety of other size groupings.

pistachio Akbari India

Pistachio Kernels may be derived from closed-mouth pistachios of any of the aforementioned kinds, depending on the preferences of the consumer. Pistachio powders and slices are also among the things that we carry and sell.

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