Dried figs 100g 200

The dried figs that have been compressed after drying are a subset of dried figs that may also be bought. These figs are available for purchase in several containers that are one kilogram in size, containers that are 100 grams, and 200grams in size. These figs have been dried and then compacted after drying.

Figs that have been compressed like the ones seen in Greece, as well as figs that have the appearance of chains, are two instances of these varieties. In addition, there is a wide variety of packaging options available for containers of one kilogram in size. They are put together in a fashion that is similar to that of a fig cake, which is usually prepared using figs from Pakistan and follows a specific pattern of assembly.

There is a wide range of quality levels available for the pressed figs that can be purchased in Iran, and these figs can be obtained in several different-sized packages as well. In addition, the quality of the figs is not always consistent from batch to batch. In the same way that the quality of other kinds of figs can be broken down into three different levels, so too can the quality of these particular varieties of figs be broken down into those same three unique tiers.

Each grade comes with a distinct selling price, a distinct look for the box (for instance, it may be yellow or white), and higher quantities of the product. Additionally, the box might have a distinctive appearance. As you go through the classes, the measurements will become a darker shade of brown, and the sizes will get gradually more petite.

Dried figs 100g

This arugula salad with 100 g dried figs features every component of a salad that you need to construct a tasty, fulfilling and crave-worthy meal.

This arugula salad has components that are sweet, salty, and crunchy, and it is topped with spicy arugula.

Recipes for arugula salad may be found online, and they come in a wide variety of forms.

Prepare the dressing for the arugula salad. Shallots, mustard, salt, pepper, olive oil, and vinegar are all whisked together in this recipe.

Add all of the salad dressing ingredients to a small jar so that you can work more quickly through this procedure. Keep the dressing covered and shake it until it is completely emulsified and smooth. This container is perfect for both making and storing the dressing.

With this arugula salad with dried figs, you may want to undertake some meal preparation ahead of time, and doing so is fairly easy to accomplish. If you’re making it for Thanksgiving and want to get as much of it ready in advance as you can, or whether you’re merely getting it ready for a midweek meal, here are some ways to get it ready:

Stirring the salad dressing is an important step in preparing it. Make your salad dressing if you want to take things to the next level with your salad.

The blue cheese should be crumbled, however, this is dependent on the circumstances.

If it turns out to be necessary, wash and dry the arugula beforehand. If the arugula has to be cleaned, it should be washed, dried, and then placed with a paper towel in the refrigerator to capture any more moisture. However, in the majority of instances, I buy an arugula that has already been cleaned and is ready to be used.

Dried figs 100g

Dried figs 200g

There are 498 calories in 200 grams of Dried Fig.

Calorie breakdown: 3 percent fat, 92 percent carbs, 5 percent protein.

Rich in fiber: Dried figs are a wonderful source of soluble fiber, which not only helps alleviate constipation but also keeps you feeling full for extended periods of time.

Figs are an excellent source of several essential vitamins and minerals, including manganese, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, and phosphorus. Dried figs are particularly abundant in these nutrients. People who suffer from hypertension should consume foods with moderate to high potassium content and low sodium content.

The high calcium level of figs is beneficial to bone health, and eating dried figs is an excellent way to get more calcium into your diet.

The high mucilage content of dried figs is beneficial in treating and preventing sore throats. Dried figs are excellent in boosting the immune system and making it more robust.

Figs will assist the body in ridding itself of dangerous estrogens. An overabundance of estrogen hormone in the body may cause difficulties associated with menopause, as well as ovarian, breast, and uterine cancer, weight gain, and mood changes. Figs will assist the body in ridding itself of these symptoms.

Figs include a form of antioxidant known as phenol, which has been shown to help lower the risk of heart disease as well as several other cancers.

Figs also include anti-cancer substances known as beta-carotene and benzaldehyde, as well as flavonoids and digestive enzymes known as ficin.

Dried figs have been shown to aid in weight reduction. Figs, especially dried ones, are a wonderful food choice for their high fiber content. Consuming meals high in fiber is recommended if you already have excess fat in your body. Because they contain a significant quantity of natural fiber, figs will be of great assistance to dieters who are trying to control their weight.

Dried figs 200g

Premium dried figs 250g

You are free to go with the option that consists of buying a premium box that contains 250 grams of high-quality dried figs if you consider that this would be a better solution to suit your requirements. These products are obtained by collecting them directly from the farmers who produce them, and once they have been obtained, they are processed and packaged in our sanitary processing facilities to preserve their authentic aroma, their natural freshness, and their primary nutrients in their original forms.

Eating figs daily may have a beneficial effect on one’s general health as a result of the large levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are included in figs.

Figs have a cholesterol level that is much lower than the cholesterol levels found in other fruits, and in addition, figs are loaded with a wide range of important nutrients. Figs also have a cholesterol level that is much lower than the cholesterol level found in other fruits. Sugar, amino acids, and minerals are some examples of these essential nutrients, but there are many others as well.

These figs have a flavor that will make your mouth water, a texture that is soft and sweet, and a sweet taste. The flavor of these figs will make your mouth water. They are going to quickly become one of your favorite new snacks. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to get your fill of these. They are that good!

It is important to store this item in a location that is cool and dry when it is not being used, and when you are working with it, you should avoid using a spoon that has been in contact with any form of moisture. This is due to the fact that the act of preservation itself is the rationale behind why they are retained. Maintain your level of vigor and health.

Premium dried figs 250g

Figs dried 500gm

Whether you are purchasing dried figs in person or online, it is essential to pay particular attention to the compressed dried fig bundles that range in weight from 200 to 500 grams. This is true regardless of the location of your purchase. There is a wide range of weights that can be found for these packages.

You have your choice between many various sizes when it comes to these packages. These containers can come in a variety of sizes since that is one of their potential uses. You have the option of selecting a deal that is the one that is the best fit for your preferences and likes about what it is that you want. You have access to this resource, so make use of it. These containers have a combined capacity to carry several figs that is equivalent to a total product weight of 500 grams. No matter whether they are single figs or seeded figs, the overall weight of these figs is the same.

There is no discernible difference between the two. Turkey and Pakistan, both of which have significant levels of fig production, have established themselves as leading exporters of these fruits thanks to the reputations they have built for themselves as producers of high-quality figs. As a result of these reputations, both of these countries have been able to establish themselves as leading exporters of these fruits. Both of these nations have been able to position themselves as prominent exporters of these fruits thanks to their respective reputations as world-class producers of these goods.

Figs dried 500gm

Because a particular pigment and a preservative are added to these figs during the process of preservation, which is the reason why they are kept, the figs can appear white or have a hue that is comparable to that of dried brown fruit.

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